Wet Glue Technologies

LANGGUTH’s wetLAN® series of Wet Glue Inline and Rotary Labelers encompasses a broad range of cold glue labeler designs benefitting from over 80 years of industry know-how. From finger-sized tubes to 25 liter bulk, LANGGUTH has developed labelers delivering renowned reliability.

wetLAN 110 Wet Glue Inline Labeler

wetLAN® 110 series Inline Labeler encompasses a family of highly flexible inline wet glue labelers for speeds to 400 bpm.

wetLAN 140 Wet Glue Rotary Labeler

wetLAN 140 series Rotary Labeler delivers flexibility for multiple label application for front, back, neck, and combination requirements.

wetLAN 120 Wet Glue Case Labeler

wetLAN 120 Inline case labeler applies small or large cold glue labels to erected or knocked down cases.

wetLAN 130 Wet Glue Inline Labeler

Common in the coatings and chemical industries the wetLAN 130 applies spot and full wrap labels to virtually all container shapes, plus meets Hazard ATEX/Class 1 environments