Beverage Labelers

wetLAN® 110 series encompasses a family of highly flexible inline wet glue labelers for speeds to 400 bpm.

wetLAN 140 delivers flexibility for multiple label application for front, back, neck, and combination requirements.

selfLAN 510: 
The expandable inline labeler houses multiple pressure sensitive label heads for high quality, high speed labeling results on intricate containers.

selfLAN 520:The expandable rotary pressure sensitive labeler handles front, back, neck label stations and combination labeling requirements.

 hotLAN 310: For rigid cylindrical containers with full wrap cut labels the inline hotLAN 310 delivers the lowest cost of ownership and best value point in the industry.

hotLAN 330: The rotary hotLAN 330 meets the demands of high speed flexible production including tapered containers, rectangular shapes, and recessed panels.